Diary & Notebook

The idea behind this visualiser is to let you explore the wide range of materials
and finishes in our notebook range and see your notebook take shape. Once you’ve
made your selections, choose a quantity, hit ‘request a costing’ and we’ll let you
know what they would cost to produce. Enjoy!



As wonderful as technology is, one area it doesn’t excel at is the tactile qualities
– the touch and texture of real life. We’ve done our best to indicate the many
possible combinations and colours, but there might be some difference
between the final result and what you see on your display.

We look forward to seeing your job moving through our plant soon



Even in a fast paced technology-driven age, the classic notebook remains a favourite. It is still the corporate gift most likely to be used by its recipient throughout the year! Plan your week… your leisure time, make notes, keep track of projects and so much more. There is nothing quite like the timeless quality of ink on paper.