Presenting the menu

Planning the menu and wine list is a big part of a restaurant’s secret sauce and you’ll want to introduce it to customers in a way that makes it part of their experience.

We can design, print and fabricate whatever you need for your restaurant’s signature style in large or small quantities.
From an embellished wood or leather cover to a simple, beautifully printed menu, there is very little we can’t do. Explore our fabrication and print options below and if you have something else in mind, drop us a note at the bottom of this page and we’ll get in touch.
Manufactured using a variety of materials and display options – leather, wood, PU, cork with stitching, metal accents and interscrews.

Cover materials

A small sample of the many cover materials we can offer – from synthetic value lines to genuine leather and timber.
Enquire about our wide range of material and colour options.


Depending on material, there are a number of ways to bring branding through on your menu or wine list.


A hot foil design is pressed slightly into the cover for a classy, eye-catching statement. Choose from gold, silver or black foil.


Understated but elegant. This is a classy option with a lovely tactile quality.

Laser engraving

Laser engraving adds a lot of interest and the precision cut means good detail can be held. Certain substrates are more suitable than others.

Putting it together

From sophisticated to quirky, we can engineer, build and brand nearly anything for you.

Assembled covers in wood, leather, PU or PVC

There are all kinds of possibilities for assembling, branding and detailing a cover, with a number of ways to display your menu inside.

Interscrew assembly with timber clamp

An engaging presentation that’s easy to update for seasonal menus, specials, or anything that change regularly.


Accessorising offers some interesting options to finish off a menu. Options include chrome or brass corners, stitching in a matching or contrasting colour, and chrome or brass interscrews.

Corners in chrome or brass

These add an extra touch of class and can really finish off a cover. They also improve lifespan in a “high wear” area.


The regular repeat of an elegant line of stitching adds texture and refinement. Choose a matching or contrasting colour thread.

Interscrews in chrome or brass

With a range of sizes and visible detailing, these guys are perfect for regular menu updates or just a super elegant assembly.

Display options

There are a number of ways to display the menu itself, from sleeves and windows to clamping and corner pockets.

Clear PVC sleeves

Hard wearing and easy to update. And if you choose an interscrew construction you’re able to add (or remove) sleeves as needed.

Interscrew clamp

Update, add or remove pages as you need to with an interscrew system and an office punch for the pages.

Corner pockets

A quality cover that is quick and easy to update

Window menu

Clear non-glare window panel with a PU border in a choice of colours. Soft metal corners and stitch detail make this an elegant presentation that is also easy to update.

Printed menus and menu covers

From a printed menu which doesn’t change often, to a substantial surface printed cover over thick card for a menu which may update regularly

Printed menu

Beautifully printed in small or large quantities on card up to 450gsm. A matt or soft touch film laminate adds protection with a beautiful feel and haptic experience. For heavy use items, we also offer plastic encapsulation with a watertight edge.

Printed cover

Printed artwork wrapped around a sturdy board for a substantial menu cover with a number of options for displaying the menu inside. Cover artwork can be surface printed onto a durable textured cover material, or onto paper and then film laminated.
Surface printed on book cloth and wrapped around durable board, printed on heavy card and soft touch film laminated / plastic encapsulated, or displayed in an elegant leather edged window. We have the capabilities to print and silkscreen onto a large range of materials and book cloth.
Whether you’re looking for a durable pre-printed menu that doesn’t change often or a more engineered solution that’s easy to update, we can put nearly anything together for you.

Run length is not an issue.

We have the capabilities to produce high quality results for short or long runs

I have a project I’d like to discuss

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