Functional, high quality
samples speak volumes.

Having physical examples of your product
permanently in front of the people that use them
is one of the best ROI items in your spend.


Sample books are very much bespoke items.

Let’s get together to explore functionality and purpose. We have the facilities, equipment and experience to engineer, print and build ideal sample book solutions for all your product lines in short or long runs.

We can print, silkscreen, foil, deboss, laser engrave and film laminate onto any number of substrates and materials for powerful branding statements and effective messaging.

Winning combinations

Distinctive presentation of your product. Planned thicknesses, creases and spine widths give a neat, square closure.

Winning combinations

A presentation header allowing easy swivel action for exploring and comparing product swatches. The interscrew permits easy updating of the swatch library.

Winning combinations

Crisp fold lines and assembly craft a durable, quality cover

Winning combinations

Hinged for flexibility or creased for strength and durability.

Deboss and foil on a textured cover material

A robust textured bookcloth with a combination deboss and black foil. A full colour picture is glued precisely inside a debossed rectangle
Options with deep, hard working hinges and assembly create a durable, quality cover.
This rustic interscrew matches the grain of the board and is functionally perfect – a tidy swivel device for sample display and simple to update with new ranges
Hard wearing nylon handles with a smooth moulded edge

Winning combinations

Compact and user friendly swatch book. Produced in short runs with a digital spot colour for the orange and a soft touch film laminate for protection and a great tactile quality.

Printed and matt laminated cover on a thick, durable board with an inter screw to hold the display samples

Careful attention to deep folds and heights and a robust structure securely holds and presents these samples. The interscrew and lay flat cover allows a full display of any sample.

Heavy duty card

Heavyweight solutions involve a a few steps, but we can put together a solution at just about any gauge.

Accessory combinations

Neat sample book with carry handle and side cage to hide the assembly process. All visible areas can be used for presentation print.

Presentation folder with product swatches glued in.

Accuracy, careful application and a bold, hard wearing cover with a pasted in brochure section.

Printed and matt laminated covering wrapped over a thick, durable board.

A beautifully printed and carefully wrapped super thick cover – a premium experience
SHORT Bespoke solutions to large commercial runs

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    Robust assembly

    A detailed construction with printed detail outside, internal compartments, magnetic closure and a heavy duty handle.

    Accessory touches

    Press stud closure for added structure and to contain your product swatches in a tidy pack until needed.

    Great structural tools

    Interscrews come in a number of sizes and finishes, and have great versatility. They’re visually pleasing, provide solid assembly, and offer flexibility down the line as they make a sample line very easy to update.

    Winning combinations

    A sample swatch with a fold out presentation card to display cover material options. The number of folds used allows the card to expand to over a metre, from a book with a very small, tidy footprint when closed.